Notifications given here are by Government of India under rules & regulations of FSS Act 2006, PFA Act and Legal Metrology concerning Food Industry for easy access for our members & well wishers.


GSR & Date
Food Safety and Standards ( FSSAI)
24.11.2016 Operationalisation of Standards of Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary uses, Food for Medical purposes, Functional Foods and Novel Food
10.10.2016 Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additive s) Microbiological standards for milk and milk products
10.10.2016 FSSAI- Regulation for 2.12 relating to ‘Proprietary Food’, for the sub-regulation 2.12.1
10.10.2016 FSSAI- (Contaminants, Toxins and Residues), Metal Contaminants- ZINC
10.10.2016 Draft Regulations- sub-regulation 2.2.1 relating to OILS
22.8.2016 Direction- Operationalisation of standards of Proprietary Foods”
29.7.2016 Draft Regulation(Food Products Standards and Food Additives) - 2.7.4 relating to “Chocolate”
12.7.2016 Notice on the draft notification -“Fruit & Vegetable products” in Regulation 2.3
4.7.2016 Draft Regulation(Food Products Standards and Food Additives) –Fats, Oils , Oats Pasta
20.6.2016 Notice for operationalization of standards of Food Additives for use in various Food Categories
14.6.2016 Regulation (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) 3rd Amendment -“cotton seed & Rice bran oil"
18.5.2016 Draft Regulation(Contaminants, toxins and Residues)-levels of histamine in fish
18.5.2016 Gazette_Notification_Constitution_CAC_Member
17.5.2016 Draft_Notification_Iron_Filling
3.5.2016 Gazette notification – Gluten free food
3.5.2016 Gazette notification – Heavy metals
28.4.2016 Gazette notification - Transaction of Business of the Central Advisory Committee
28.4.2016 Draft notification – Raw pulses
22.4.2016 Direction under Section 16(5) of FSS Act,2006 - Limit of iron filings in tea
19.4.2016 Draft regulation - Silver leaf
19.4.2016 Draft regulation - related to ‘Proprietary Food’
1.4.2016 Draft - Zinc entries shall be omitted
5 April 2013
18 April 2013
28 Dec 2012
10 Dec 2012
26 Dec 2012
26 Dec 2012
29 Nov 2012
29 Nov 2012
29 Nov 2012
3 Dec 2012 Statutory Advisory FSSAI- Use of Stearic acid as lubricants in Sugar based / Sugar free confectionery , Lozenges and chewing gum/ bubble gum
23 Nov 2012 Statutory Advisory FSSAI- Iron fillings in tea, maximum limit 150mg/kg
22 Nov 2012 Draft Regulations-Amendments for standards of Olive Oils


5.8.2011 Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling ) regulation, 2011
362(E)-5.5.2011 FSSAI rules Final
4.3.2011 FSSAI- CAC-Procedure for Transaction of Business
4.3.2011 FSSAI- Transaction of Business at its meetings
4.3.2011 FSSAI-Procedure for Scientific Committee & Scientific Panel
92(E)-14.2.2011 PFA-1st amendment 2011-use of food ingredients like Oligofructose, Phytostanols, Trehalose, EDTA
S.O.215(E)- 31.1.2011 Min. of Env. - Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011.
39(E)-19.1.2011 Notification ( Draft FSSAI Rules, 2011)
356(E)-7.6.2005 PFA 4th Amendment 2005-Milk products, Cheese , etc
652(E)-2.8.2010 PFA 5th Amendment 2010-Acesulfame K, Polyols etc.
651(E)-2.8.2010 PFA 4th Amendment 2010-Imported Rapeseed Oil
SO2038(E)- 18.8.2010 FSSAI section 22 comes into force
SO1855(E)- 29.7.2010 FSSAI sections come into force
603(E)-19.7.2010 PFA 1st Amendment 2010-Additives & Microbial parameters for Milk products, Ice creams , Frozen Confectionery.
488(E)- 9.6.2010
Energy Drink-11.5.2010
Trans Fatty Acid-11.5.2010 FSSAI-Proposes Regulation of Trans Fatty Acids in PHVOs
351(E)- 27.4.2010
814(E)-12.11.09 Rapeseed or Mustard Oil-Low Erucic Acid
Concept note-6.10.09
Advisory no.5/FSSAI/2009
No.1-54/08 MMPO/FSSAI (24.9.2009)
FSSAI-Milk and Milk Products Regulation
430(E)-19.6.09 Limits and use of artificial sweeteners
261(E)-20.4.09 Limit for Pesticide residue in Foods
664(E)-19.3.09 Advisory for GSR 664(E)
166(E)-13.3.09 Corrigendum-Date of enforcement of GSR 657(E)
GSR 664(E)-27.2.09 Corrigendum for GSR 664
GSR 44(E)-22.1.09 PFA 3rd Amendment-substitutions
GSR 43(E)-22.1.09 Insertion of rules for Polyols & Polydextrose
GSR 42(E)-22-1-09
871(E)-23.12.08 Notification-Fruit Juices / Beverages
805(E)-20.11.08 Corrigendum-Date of enforcement of GSR 591(E)
754(E)-27.10.08 Notification-Rice bran oil
730 (E)-13.10.08
657(E)-18.9.08 Corrigendum- Date of enforcement of GSR 606(E)
S.O. 2165(E)-5.9.08
498(E)- 4.7.08
206(E)-25.3.08 Adoption of Manuals of Method of Analysis.
Ordinance 6 of 2008-7.2.08
70(E)-5.2.08 Food Safety and standard Act (Corrigendum).     
S.O. 1758(E)-15.10.07 Date of Enforcement
S.O. 1757(E)-15.10.07
575(E)-5.9.07 Correction- GSR 532 (E).
S.O.1488 (E)-31.08.07
518(E)-31.7.07 Labeling requirements of Prepackaged Foods deferred.
315(E)-27.4.07 Correction- GSR 435 (E).
267(E)-2.4.07 Correction-date of enforcement of GSR 398 (E)
243(E)-28.3.07 Correction-date of enforcement of GSR 435 (E).
242(E)-28.3.07 Correction-date of enforcement of GSR 773 (E).
1(E)-2.1.07 Correction-date of enforcement of GSR398 (E) and other insertions.
632(E)-13.10.06 Correction-PFA rules 1955, rule 83
578(E)-20.9.06 Requirement for licensing with regards to GMP.
575(E)-19.9.06 Change in date of enforcement of GSR185
532(E)-5.9.06 Changes -dates of the rules coming to force
S.O.1373 (E)-29.8.06 Removal of licensing requirement on specific foodstuffs
Bill-02nd August 2006 Synopsis -debate on Food safety and Standards bill
Bill-26th July 2006 Food Bill passed by Rajya Sabha
Bill No.123-28.8.06 Food Safety and Standards Act-2006
482(E)-7/17.8.06 Corrections –GSR 435(E)
440(E)-17/21.7.06 Tolerance limit of insecticides
439(E)-13/21.7.06 Sale of Food Additives
398(E)-3.7.06 PFA-Amendments V-Infant & Weaning Foods
400(E)-23.6/5.7.06 Labeling for Oligofructose & Gellan Gum
396(E)-4.7.06 Tolerance limit for insecticide on the imported wheat
S.O.906 (E)-14.6.06 Tariff Values of different Food Products
S.O.854 (E)-31.5/5.6.06 Delegation of Licensing Powers
325(E)-29/31.5.06 Maximum limit of Erythrosine /Sunset Yellow FCF added in foods
299(E)- 18/20.5.06 Wax coated Package of fresh fruits.
Amendments-Manual of method of analysis.
S.O.582 (E)-19.4.06 Training in food inspection & sampling work by Food Authorities
207(E)-4.4.06 “Packaged Drinking water”
159(E)-16.3.06 PFA (II nd Amendment) Rules, 2005, G.R.S.185 (E)
7(E)-6.1.06 PFA Rule, 2006. Insertion of Rice and other new entries.
7(E)-6.1.06 PFA Rule, 2006. Insertion of Rice and other new entries.
8(E)-6/19.1.06 Standards for Whole and Powdered Spices.
S.O. 10(E)-4.1.06
S.O. 34(E)-12.1.06
S.O. 60(E)-13.1.06 Fruit Products Order, 2006.
27(E)-19.1.06 Insertion of Sucralose along with Acesulfame Potassium.
754-30 .12. 2005 Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products.
S.O. 1842-29 .12.05
Import of Pet Food Products Of animal Origin
G.S.R. 731-21.12.05 PFA(11th Amendment 2005)-Rule 42, Rule 49, A.17.01, A.17.07, A.17.09.01
S.O. 1794-16/21.12.05
277(E)-06 .5.05 Specifications for Tea and Green Tea.
276 (E)- 06 .5.05
34(E)- 06 .5.05 Additional Food additives & Technical Functions
Bill-12th December
S.O. 1747-12 .12.05 Notice to return the registration certificates of certain Insecticides granted
706-6.12.05 [PFA (4th Amendment) Rules, 2005]
698-30.11.05 Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products - 2nd Amendment Rules, 2005.
684-22.11.05 Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation) Amendment.
680-23.11.05 Standards Of Weights And Measures (General) Fourth Amendment.
S.O. 670-17.11.05 PFA (8th Amendment) Rules, 2005
S.O. 659-9.11.05
S.O. 655-10.11.05 PFA (7th Amendment) Rules, 2005.
S.O. 1579-8.11.05
S.O. 1534-25.10.05
S.O. 1533-25.10.05 Use of “Endosulfan” in Kerala should be kept on hold.
S.O. 1532-25.10.05 “LINDANE” Cancellation of Certificate of Registration order.
S.O. 1545-24.10.05
6370-17.10.05 Director and Chief Technical Officer of Central Food Laboratory: Kolkata.
S.O. 1500-17.10.05 Directore of Central Food Laboratory.
S.O. 1482-10.10.05 Monocrotophos – “Banned For Use On Vegetables”
616-29.9.05 Substitution of Date for Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products.
S.O. 1377-21.9.05 Tea (Amendment) Rules, 2005 – Substitution of certain words.
S.O. 1112-9.8.05 Prevention of Food Adulteration Amendment Rules 2005
526-8.8.05 Meat Products -- Corrigendum
S.O. 1104-6.8.05 Livestock Importation Act -- Notification
520(E)-4.8.05 Packaged Drinking Water
S.O. 1086(E)-1.8.05 Jute Packaging Material Compulsory Use In Packing Commodities
S.O. No.1080(E) &
Insecticides Act -- Notification
S.O. No.496(E)
Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products -- Notification
S.O. No.1068(E)
Central Committee for Food Standards -- Notification
1044(E)-25.7.05 Live-Stock Importation Act
957(E)-6.7.05 Jute Packaging Materials –Date of enforcement
2005(i)/ 485-2.6.05
185(E)-21.3.05 PFA (II Amendment) Rules, 2005
388(E)-25.6.04 Use of Additives in Food Products
555 (E)-18.7.03
Plantation White Sugar, Khandsari Sugar, Honey, Gur / Jaggery, Cube sugar, Dextrose, --- Icing Sugar, Common Salt, --- Iron Fortified Common Salt, Lozenges, Chewing gum, chocolate, -----Additives for all the above products ---
509 (E)-24.6.03
Meat Products ----- Table Margarine, Bakery & Industrial Margarine, Partially Hydrogenated & Winterised Soyabean Oil -------- Fat Spread -----
497 (E)-20.6.03
Low Fat Panner, Ice Candy, Cream, Cream Powder, Cheese, Ripened Cheese, Mould Ripened Cheese, Unripened Cheese, Processed Cheese, -------------
489 (E)-16.6.03
Thermally Processed Fruits ----- Thermally Fruit Cocktail ---- All Fruits & Vegetable Products ----
111 (E)-11.6.03
Fish & Fish Products – Frozen Lobsters ---- Total Volatile Base (Nitrogen) -----
504 (E)-7.5.03
Madhya Pradesh Govt. Milk & Milk Product Order – Controlling Officer ------------
Milk Product Means ------ Cottage Cheese, Khoya, etc. -----
402 (E)-14.5.03
Rule 2 Clause (db) “after age of four months” shall be substituted “after age of six months”
Rule 2 Clause (e) insert GMP for Food Additives ------------
Rule 5 – Appendixes --------------
Rule 25 shall be omitted
Rule 26 – “except otherwise provided in these rules and in Appendix B & C”---Food Additives ---
401 (E)-14.5.03
Rule 42, in sub-rule (zzz) (14) Crush the bottle after use ------Packaged Drinking Water / Natural Mineral Water ----
400 (E)-14.5.03
Rule 12 – B, in sub-rule (1) – (a) – “Provided that the manufacturing / packing, processing of food in any establishment where ten or more persons --------------------- more than twelve months ---- in hotels / restaurants, --- supervised by person having Degree in Science with Chemistry / Home Science / Food Technology or Dip. In Food Technology” ---
111 (E)-18.2.03
I] Mineral Water – Pesticides Residue – 0.0001 mg/litre
II] Total Pesticides Residues – 0.0005 mg/litre
Packaged Dinking Water - Pesticides Residue – 0.0001 mg/litre
Total Pesticides Residues – 0.0005 mg/litre
--------- Licencing Conditions -------
101 (E)-11.2.03
i] In Rule 13, sub-rule (1) the words “above the age of eight years” shall be omitted
ii] 51 duration of Licences -----------
iii] Insert form No. IX in Appendix A ---
853 (E)-30.12.02
28.A Use of Lake Colours, Rule 32 Clause (i) Labeling on bottle, rule 42 …… (labeling)—Every package of food having added Caffeine---- “Contains Caffeine” ------- , A.26.17- Aluminium Lake of Sunset Yellow FCF….. specifications……..
852 (E)-30.12.02
Sale of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Coffee, Roasted Coffee, etc. Chicory, Soluble Coffee Powder, ---- their analytical specifications…..
439 (E)-19.6.02
(A) In PFA Rules 1955 for item no. 16 & entries relating thereto the following shall be substituted , viz. "READY TO SERVE BEVERAGES" - Sulphur Dioxide[70] OR Benzoic Acid[120]
(B) In Appendix B-
(i) In item A-32
(a) after clause 3,the following clause shall be inserted , viz. "3A PACKAGING MATERIALS" - Shall be packed in PE, PVC PET & PBT.
(b) In clause 4, in table -
(i) aginst SI no. 10 - Mineral oil in column (3) for words "Not detectable" the word "absent"
(ii) SI no. 11 - Phenolic Compounds "
(iii) SI no. 30 - Cyanide for - "Not more than 0.07mg/litre" the word "absent"
(iv) SI no. 39 - Beta for the words "Pico curie"/litre(pCi) the words "Bacquerel/litre(Bq)" shall be sustained
(ii) in item A-33
(a)"Sterile" - "Hygiene"
(c) Colour migration limit-------------------
(C) In table
310 (E)-1.5.02
In item A.11.02.18,relating to INFANT MILK FOOD & in item A11.02.18.03, relating to PROCESSED CEREAL BASED WEANING FOOD & in item A., relating to MILK-CEREAL BASED WEANING FOOD, following shall be inserted - Yeast & Mould count, E.coli, etc.
251 (E)-4.4.02
In PFA Rules, 1955 in rule 65, in the Table in item 15, in clause(c) after the words "Milk products" the following shall be inserted : (having less than 2 percentage fat) and in another column, 0.20(on whole basis)
908 (E)-20.12.01
Declaration of Vegetarian Foods on the label by using Green Symbol and other labeling specifications
896 (E)-11.12.01
In rule 55,in the table, for item no.16 ------Ready to serve beverages
In Appendix B, in item A-32 Regarding Packaging Materials
895 (E)-11.12.01
In rule 55 for serial no. 29 substitution "29(a) flour confectionery (b) Filled Chocolates"
In Appendix 'B' to the said rule - for item --- A.07.03 the following item shall be substituted, namely "Honey-----" Specification of Honey
672 (E)-17.9.01
In rule 3, in sub-rule (2),- (a) for the Table 1, the following Table shall be substituted, namely :- --- Table ----
668 (E)-17.9.01
For rule 22, the following shall be substituted, namely :"22. Quantity of sample to be sent to the public analyst :- The quantity of sample of food to be sent to the public analyst/Director for analysis shall be specified in the Table below : TABLE -----------------
358 (E)-16.5.01
Symbol and Colour Code on Food Packages containing Vegetarian Food material - Green colour symbol
320 (E)-2.5.01
297 (E)-26.4.01
Insertion in Appendix 'B', after item A.18.12 of the PFA Act - Malt Based Foods
245 (E)-4.4.01
Declaration of Non-vegetarian Food on the label by using symbol of brown colour of given dimensions
165 (E)-7.3.01
Foreign matter in food grains
76 (E)-7.2.01
Label declaration for tobacco & pan masala AND matter regarding MSG, Sod. Bicarbonate, sequestering & buffering agents, lactose syrup etc.
68 (E)-5.2.01
Substitution for the word soy flour - solvent extracted etc.
67 (E)-5.2.01
1. Cheese and processed cheese
2. Atta
3. Maida
4. Semolina
5. Whole Meal Barley Powder or Barley flour or Choker
7 (E)-4.1.01
Changes for VanaspatiSolvent extracted soy flour
Solvent extracted groundnut flour
Solvent extracted sesame flour
Solvent extracted coconut flour Solvent extracted cotton seed flour
878 (E)-20.11.2000 Foreign matter in food grains
877 (E)-20.11.2000
Label declaration - Name and complete address of the manufacturers and the manufacturing unit etc.
770 (E)-4.10.2000
In Appendix B in item A.14 and in item A.14.01 regarding tea containing natural flavours and natural flavouring substances
761 (E)-29.9.2000
Addition for namkeen AND Labeling details for alcoholic beverages AND Specifications for Alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beer, gin, brandy, rum, vodka, table wines etc.
760 (E)-29.9.2000 Label declaration for Packaged Drinking Water and its specification
759 (E)-29.9.2000 Declaration on the label of Mineral Water and its specification
758 (E)-29.9.2000 Addition in rule 74, in sub-rule (2), the table - Fresh, frozen and dried sea foods and pulses
718 (E)-13.9.2000 Flavour emulsion and flavour paste for use in carbonated or non-carbonated beverages
716 (E)-13.9.2000 Label for Common Salt containing permitted anti-caking agents
537 (E)-13.6.2000 1. Extraneous addition of colouring matter to be mentioned on the label
2. Best Before up to month and year ………….. etc.
501 (E)-29.5.2000
1. In rule 25 for the word, figure, brackets and letter "Rule 32 (c)" the word, figure, brackets and letter "Rule 32 (b)" shall be substituted ;
2. In Appendix "B", in item A.11.02.11, A. - total acidity expressed as lactic acid
3. Changes regarding Milk Powder
464 (E)-17.5.2000 Definition of Malt based food and its specification
463 (E)-17.5.2000 Declaration of Non-vegetarian Food on the label by using symbol with a Chord of given dimensions
418 (E)-10.5.2000 Label for Common Salt containing permitted anti-caking agents
354 (E)-26.4.2000 Substitution for Acesulfame K and Saccharin Sodium AND Specification
107 (E)-11.2.2000 1. Cheese or processed cheese
2. Veterinary drugs in foods
3. Milk
4. Atta or resultant atta, Maida, Semolina, Barley Flour
85 (E)-3.2.2000 Packaged Drinking Water
14 (E)-5.1.2000 Non-Vegetarian Food
809 (E)-10.12.99
Name and complete address of, and the location of the manufacturing unit, and in case the manufacturer is not the packer, the name and address …………………….etc.
808 (E)-10.12.99
Label declaration of Natural Mineral Water AND Definition, types and specifications of Natural Mineral Water AND Labelling Prohibitions
770 (E)-15.11.99
Changes regarding extraneous addition of colouring matter in different food products to be mentioned on the Label
769 (E)-15.11.99 Amendments in the PFA (10th Amendment) Rules,1998,namely :
1. In rule 1 in sub-rule (2), the words, figures, brackets and letters "rule 3, clause (a), clause (c) and clause (d) of rule 4," shall be omitted;
2. Rule 3 shall be omitted;
3. Clauses (a), (b), (c) and (d) of rule 4 shall be omitted
695 (E)-11.10.99 Changes regarding Spices and Condiments
694 (E)-11.10.99 Changes regarding
1. utensils and containers
2. flavoured tea
693 (E)-11.10.99
Solvent extracted soy flour, Solvent extracted groundnut flour Solvent extracted sesame flour, Solvent extracted coconut flour Solvent extracted cotton seed flour
692 (E)-11.10.99 Substitution for aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol
691 (E)-11.10.99 The plate used for the manufacture of tins for packing edible oils
429 (E)-11.6.99 Flavour emulsions and flavour paste for use in carbonated and non-carbonated beverages AND its Label declaration jam, marmalade and jellies
396 (E)-27.5.99
1. Label declaration - use of mixture of Aspertame (Methyl Ester) and Acesulfame Potassium Sweeteners
2. Insertion regarding use of Aspertame (Methyl Ester) and Acesulfame-K artificial sweeteners.
3. Use of Nisin as preservative.
4. Use of Modified Starches
5. Use of Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate6. Specifications for Acesulfame K
241 (E)-5.4.99
1. Labelling of edible oils and fats
2. Relating to lead in Edible oils and fats
3. Relating to Nickel in Edible oils and fats
4. Lactic acid, butyric acid, valeric acid, cinnamon oil, ethyl butyrate as flavouring agents in Edible oils and fats
5. Other specifications relating to Edible oils and fats
240 (E)-5.4.99 In rule 3, sub rule (2), in the proviso, for Table II - Substitution for the Name of the Central Food Laboratory and Local areas
131 (E)-23.2.99 Substitution for aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol
120 (E)-17.2.99
1. In rule 25, for the words and figure "Rule 32 (c), the words and figure "Rule 32 (b) shall be substituted
2. Other changes relating to Milk and Milk products (milk powder, skimmed sweetened condensed milk, dairy whitener etc.)
710 (E)-30.11.98 Label declaration on the containers in which edible oil is packed
694 (E)-20.11.98 Changes regarding 1. utensils and containers In Appendix B
2. tea contains natural flavours and natural flavouring substances
693 (E)-20.11.98
In rule 4 in sub-rule (6) for the letters and figures "Rs.200" wherever they occur, the letters and figures "Rs. 1000" shall be substituted In Appendix 'A" to the said rules, in Form I and Form I-A, for the letters and figures "Rs. 200" wherever they occur, the letter and figures "Rs.1000" shall be substituted
692 (E)-20.11.98 1. Pepper White Whole and Powder2. Honey
535 (E)-28.8.98
1. Label declaration - Food containing Aspertame and Acesulfame Potassium Sweeteners
2. Use of Nisin as a preservative in coconut water drink
3. Use of modified starches Use of sucrose acetate isobutyrate
482 (E)-7.8.98 Malt Based Foods
380 (E)-25.6.98
1. Extraneous addition of colouring matter to be mentioned on the label
2. Best Before up to month and year ………….. etc.
3. Principal display panel, its area, size and letter, etc.
178 (E)-6.4.98
In Appendix "B", in item A.11.02.17Substitution for the word Khoya Substitution of the figures and words "20 percent"
177 (E)-6.4.98
Changes In sub-rule (1) of rule 47 - may contain filler articles In rule 55 of the principal rules In rule 57 of the principal rules After rule 61 D of the principal rules - insertion namely 61 E - Use of Xanthan Gum
176 (E)-6.4.98 Substitution in sub-item (I) relating to Pickles
175 (E)-6.4.98
In second proviso, in clause (ii), in sub clause (b), for the figures "31-3-97", the figures, letters and words "31st March, 1999" shall be substituted.
174 (E)-6.4.98 Label declaration
173 (E)-6.4.98 Changes in rule 3, sub-rule (2), in the proviso, for Table II relating to the list of Central food Laboratories
172 (E)-6.4.98
In rule 74, in sub-rule (2) - Doses of Irradiation for rice; semolina, wheat atta and maida; mango; raisins, figs & dried dates; ginger, garlic and shallots (small onions); meat and meat products including chicken
171 (E)-6.4.98 In Appendix 'B', after item A.26.14 insertion relating to Colour Brilliant Blue FCF after item A.26.16 insertion relating to Colour Fast Green FCF
64 (E)-3.2.98
After item number 37 and the entries relating thereto, the following item, number and entries shall be added, namely : - "38 Mineral Water - 3000 ml in original sealed condition"
670 (E)-27.11.97 Labelling of Table Iodised Salt/Iron fortified salt AND Common Salt …….
382 (E)-10.7.97 Food Packaging Material to be sent to public analyst
381 (E)-10.7.97
Substitution for sucrose, changes related to cocoa butter, partly skimmed sweetened condensed milk
380 (E)-10.7.97 Modifications in Rule 2
379 (E)-10.7.97 Substitution of words in Appendix - in item A.16.16
378 (E)-10.7.97 Substitution for the word Khoya AND other substitution
306 (E)-4.9.97 Substitution for wheat flour AND Labelling regarding extraneous colouring matter - Contains permitted natural/synthetic food colours
304 (E)-4.6.97
In rule 28 - for the words "synthetic colours, wherever they occur, the words "synthetic food colours" shall be substituted.
In rule 29 - use of permitted synthetic food colours prohibited in certain foods.
In rule 30 - substitution of maximum limit.
In rule 42 - for the words "coal-tar food colour", the words "synthetic food colour" shall be substituted.
In rule 48-A for the words "synthetic colours", the words "synthetic food colours" shall be substituted.
303 (E)-4.6.97 Substitution in Rule 1, Sub-rule (2)Omission of Rule 3 and 4 and in rule 11, clause (a) shall be omitted
283 (E)-29.5.97 Insertion in Appendix 'B', after item A.25.02.01 - A.25.03 Chocolate
149 (E)14.3.97 Substitution in item A.11.02.22 and in item A. relating to Milk Protein
92 (E)-25.2.97 Use of permitted synthetic food colours prohibited
41 (E)-29.1.97
Changes in · rule 32, in clause (b) - a declaration on the label shall be made by inserting the word "Gelatine - Animal Origin"· rule 39 - addition of words "or approved for medical purpose"· rule 49, in sub-rule (16) addition of words· in Appendix 'B' declaration on the labels regarding - low fat cream, medium fat cream, high fat cream, - dried ice cream mix- spray dried milk powder- Yoghurt - Thermised or Heat Treated Yoghurt
6 (E)-6.1.97 Labelling of Table iodised salt and common salt etc.
280 (E)-16.7.96 Substitution in Appendix 'B' in item A.11.02.22 relating to milk protein
278 (E)-16.7.96 Label declaration on carbonated water AND specifications for lactic acid, malic acid, vegetable oils etc.
121 (E)-11.3.96 Changes regarding Infants in the rules 42, 57 and 61-C
492 (E)-18.11.91
Extraneous addition or colouring matter to be
declared on label AND other declarations on the label
GSR & Date
FSSAI Licensing
5.2.2016 Order - The time line for conversion of pre existing licenses, registrations or permissions
27.11.2016 Notification - License for Food Business
11.8.2015 Extension of time period to the FSSAI License number and logo on the label of the food products.
5/6.8.2015 Extension of time for the food business operators to obtain licenses/registration
4.2.15 Extension of time period w.r.t. proviso 2.1.2 ( standards relating to caramel & glazing agents )
4.2.15 Extension of License period
21.1.15 Order- registration & Licensing of FBO-Cooperative Society
24.1.15 Grant of License for Exporting FBOs
14.1.15 Order-License & registration of Small dairy Business Operators
7.1.15 Instruction- Use of existing packaging material with old license number for FBOs of New Geographic regions
23.6.2014 Clarification on FSSAI logo and license number & sticker on imported foods
20.6.2014 Issuing of Licenses of Milk & Milk products by Food Safety Commissioners
11.06.2014 Uniform Numbering of License
12.6.2013 Order-State / central Licensing –Clarification on Jurisdiction
18..12.2012 Clarification- Licensing / Registration of Alcoholic Drinks
GSR & Date
Legal Metrology
20.1.2016 Notification - Legal Metrology (Government Approved Test Centre) Amendment Rules, 2016.
359(E) 6.6.2013 Packaged Commodities-First amendment 2013
668(E) 3.9.2012 Legal Metrology ( General ) Amendment Rule 2012
426( E ) 5.6.2012 Notification- Legal Metrology ( Second) Amendment Rules 2012
427 (E) 5.6.12
13(E)-7.1.2011 Legal Metrology-Numeration rules.
GSR & Date
Product Approvals
26.8.2015 FSSAI discontinue with process of Product Approvals
11.5.2013 Guidelines – Product Approval Procedure
10.12.2012 Procedure regarding New Product Approval
26.10.2012 Correction of Advisory-product approval needed for FBOs mfd/importing the exact product.-file Advisory(02-11-2012).
26.10.2012 Advisory- NOC is invalid if Final Product Apporval is negative and not granted/ cancelled-file Advisory(07-11-2012).
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