Promotion of Education and Research in Food & Nutrition has been one of the primary objectives of the Association and is carried out in many ways. The Association has instituted Doctoral Research Grant so every year one student enrolled for Ph.D. in Food and/or Nutrition subject will get support for his/her Ph.D. programme.

The Association has also been giving Loan Scholarships to students doing undergraduate studies in Food and Nutrition subjects. The students will be given support to pay fees etc. for three years and after the student completes the studies and gets employed, the scholarship amount may be returned in instalments. This would help support more students every year.
Educational Activities
Communications project on a pilot scale in Maharashtra & Delhi - One Year mass communications project on nutrition education. USAID (1970)

Extension of the nutrition education programme - Monitoring the campaign itself and evaluate the trends in nutrition knowledge.(1971)

School textbooks - PFNDAI has rewritten school textbooks in the areas of foods, health, digestion and sanitation. (1974)
"Vital India" Nutrition education programme - promotion of ‘Vital’ Brand soya flour. (1988)
The pulse of good health - 15 minutes video cassette (VHS/PAL) promoting SOYA FOODS(1989-90)
PFNDAI Awards for Best Research Project leading to Ph.D. & M.Sc.Degree in Food Science &Technology and Nutrition Science.
Promoting Educational Excellence: Funding for M.Sc. Project works in Food Science &Technology.
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