Every year PFNDAI organises Conferences and Seminars in order to allow members to interact with experts from different fields of expertise and also to have discussions on some critical aspects of the industry – technical, commercial and/or regulatory. This allows the topics to be discussed from various points of views and a balanced consensus evolves.

Some of the past events organised are as follows:

 Seminar & Workshops
Grain Legumes ; Agronomy & crop investment ; processing & storage; marketing & nutrition (1981)
Food Safety: Facts & Fallacies (1981)
Food Laws for food service personnel (1982)
Emerging trends in food industry - New Foods (1987)
Nutrition and Health for All (1987)
Nutrition Optimization in Institutional Canteens (1987)
Quality Management (1988)
Market potential for fresh and processed horticulture produce (1989)
Bakery & Confectionary products (1989)
Food Irradiation : Perspectives & Prospects (1990)
Oilseed Derivatives for our deficient economy - developing a market (1990)
High level short course on state-of-the-art Analytical techniques (1992)
Nutritional status of Indians - Role of food industries (1997)
Workshop on Food Laws (1999)
Presentation on ‘Isolated Soy Proteins in clinical Nutrition’(1999)
Workshop on Labelling of Packaged Foods (2000)
International Symposium on Food Additives (2002)
Workshop on Dietary Supplements Act (2002)
Workshop on Integrated Food Laws (2002)
Nutrition & Health for All (2003)
Nutraceuticals and Fortification of Food (2003)
Role of Processed Foods in Nutrition & Good Health (2005 )
Workshop on BRC Standards, Legislation & Food Safety Practices (2006)
Seminar: Nutrition and Safety in promotion of Health (2006)
Workshop on Labelling :Food Labelling: Perspective on New Regulations(2007)
Conference: Food Ingredients for Lifestyle Changes (2007)
Seminar-Advances in Nutritional Knowledge for Healthy living (2007)
Workshop on Food Labelling: New regulations (2008)
Conference: Novel Food for Modern Consumers (2008)
Nutrition & Health Aspects of Processed Foods (2008)
Seminar-Intellectual Property Rights with special emphasis on Patents in Food Industry (2008)
Workshop- Newer Food regulations (2009)
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