Seminar on Regulatory Practices: Interpretation & Compliance

Monday April 18, 2016 at Hotel Orchid, Near Mumbai Domestic Airport, Mumbai

The following are some of the presentations of the event. 

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Keynote Address:Regulatory Practices: Interpretation and Compliance- Dr. Sesikeran
Exposure Analysis for Risk Assessment- Dr. V SudershanRao
Analysis Reports: Failure and Risk – Dr.NileshAmritkar
Selecting Food Additives under the Food Category System- Ms. ShreyaPandey
Role of Processed Foods & Beverages in National Food & Nutrition Security- Mr. Sunil Adsule
Court Judgements: Interpreting sections of Act and Regulations- Mr. V Mohan
Misbranding and Misleading: Issues and Implementation- Dr. S Sengupta
Proprietary Foods Amendment: What is & What is not- Dr. Jasvir Singh

Microbiological Evaluation of Food Products- Dr. SandhyaShrivastava

Seminar on Safety of Processed Food Products
Friday September 11, 2015 at Hotel Orchid, Near Mumbai Domestic Airport, MumbaiThefollowing are some of the presentations of the event.
The following are some of the presentations of the event. 

Click on the individual topics highlighted to view their presentations.
Inaugural Session: 10:00 – 11:00

Welcome: Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Chairman, PFNDAI& CEO Vista Processed Foods

Inaugural Address: Dr. P. I. Suvrathan, ex-Chairperson, FSSAI
Keynote Address: How to Provide Safe Processed Foods: Dr. Vilas Sinkar, ex-VP R&D, Unilever
Session 1:Safety of Foods & Supplements: 11:15 – 12:30
  Safety & Regulation of Functional Foods, Supplements etc.: Mr. Ganesh Kamath, Director, Vital Nutraceuticals
  Nutrients: Concept of RDA, UTL & NOAEL: Dr.Madhavan Nair, Head, Micronutrient Res., NIN
  Analysis & Evaluation of Safety of Botanicals: Mr. K. Bala Subramanian, Head, Technical, Chennai Mettexlab
  Lunch: 12:30 to 1:45 p.m.
Session 2: Safety of Foods & Food Ingredients: 1:45 – 3:00
  Food Safety Issues: Dr. JI Lewis, Consultant, FSSAI Science behind Food Safety: Dr. Nimish Shah, Director, Safety & Environ. Assurance Centre, HUL Role of Accreditation & Certification in Ensuring Safety of Food Products:Mr. NirajRaje, Sr. Food Assessor, LRQA
  Tea: 3:00 – 3:30
Session 3:Safety of Additives: 3:30 – 4:15
  Risk Analysis of Food Additives: Dr. SudarshanRao, Deputy Director, NIN, Hyderabad Codex Guidelines: Dr. Shaminder Pal Singh, Director, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Pepsico
Session 4:Enforcementwrt Sampling, Analysis etc.: Panel Discussion 4:15 – 5:30
  Effectiveness of Product Approval System, Mr. Mohan V., Chairman, Regulatory Affairs, PFNDAI
  Panellists: Dr. VaibhavKulkarni, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Abbott; Dr. Jasvir Singh, Asso. VP & Head: Sci. &Regul. Affairs, Mondelez; Dr. ShatadruSengupta, Sr. Director: Legal & Company Secretary, Hardcastle Restaurants; Dr. Ramasubramanian, Director, VR Food Tech; DrNilesh S Amritkar, Director, Envirocare Pvt. Ltd
Concluding Remarks:Mr. SaileshVenkatesan, Vice Chairman, PFNDAI& MD, Mead Johnson
Vote of Thanks & High Tea 5:30
Supported by: Lloyd’s register Quality Assurance, Chennai Mettex Laboratories
Souvenir supported by: HUL, S.A. PharmaChem ,Mondelez India & Parle Products
Media Partner: AgriBusiness& Food Industry

Seminar on ‘Sustainable Solutions in the Food Industry ’ was organised on 27 February 2015 at Hotel ‘ The Leela’, Mumbai was organised by PFNDAI and Sponsored by Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

One definition of sustainability states it as the practice of maintaining processes of production indefinitely without degrading or endangering natural bio-systems so it meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In case of food industry, it will mean use of resources, equipment, processes and packaging as well as manpower and waste management in a sustainable manner.

The following are some of the presentations of the event. 

Click on the individual topics to view their presentations.
Inaugural Session:

Welcome Address: Mr. GS Krishnan, MD, Novozymes

Inaugural Address: Context of Food industry in India (Make in India): Mr. Siva Nagarajan, MD, Mother Dairy
Key Note Address: Innovation and food industry: Mr. Asim Parekh, Vice President, Technical, Coca Cola
Special Address & Thanks: Future prospects: Mr. Bhupinder Singh, CMD, Vista Processed Foods & Chairman, PFNDAI
Session 1:Importance and Application of Technology in Food Industry: Chair: Dr. Danielsen, Novozymes
  Innovation for ensuring sustainability: Dr. Danielsen, Head R&D, Novozymes
  Importance of Biotechnology applications in driving food industry and food processing industry: Dr.Gurmeet Singh, R&D Director for Refreshment Discover, HUL
  General introduction to sustainability issues in the food sector: Dr. Malathy, V., Food Technologist, PFNDAI
Session 2: Food and Nutrition: Chair: Mr. Sridhar Kameswaran, GSK
  How to address global issues/needs related to hunger and nutrition: Prof. Shobha Udipi, Director, Research in Food & Nutrition, SNDT Women’s’ University
  Snacking and India: Ms. Devishree Murty, Nutrition and Health Leader, South Asia, HUL
Session 3:Important issues about sustainability & waste: Mr. Pranjal Goswami, Head, Sustainability, Novozymes
  Food and sustainability: Chair: Mr. Asim Parekh, Coca Cola
  Sustainability Considerations in Food Manufacturing – A GSKCH journey: Mr. Sridhar Kameswaran, Exec. VP,R&D- Nutritionals, GSK
  Issues and challenges in the food sector: Dr.Vijay Sachdeva, Procurement Manager – Supplier Dev., S. Asia & Africa, HUL
  Closing Session: Way forward for food industry in India: Chair: Mr. Sailesh Venkatesan, MD, Mead Johnson
  Possible steps required to bridge the gap to bring competitive advantage for the industry: Mr. Naveen Kumar, Head R&D, Britannia
  Way forward with food innovation: Dr. Manish Paradkar, Manager Quality, ITC R&D Centre, Foods
  Regulatory Challenges :Dr.J.I.Lewis , Chairman-Regulatory Affairs, PFNDAI
  Closing Remarks & Vote of Thanks: Mr. Krishna Mohan Puvvada, Sales Director, Novozymes

Report:Conference on Developing Markets for Innovative ,Safe & Nutritious Food Products : Technology & Regulation, organized by PFNDAI on 10th& 11th October 2014 at Hotel Kohinoor Continental , Mumbai.
The new food law ‘Food Safety and Standards Act’ has brought in food safety in sharp focus in food business as oppose to PFA which had greater emphasis on adulteration and purity of products. In order to discuss these regulations and to familiarize the professionals in food industry with the important systems and regulations affecting the industry, PFNDAI had organized this two day conference.

Report: Workshop on ‘ Microbial Safety in ood Industry using Rapid Methods with special emphasis on Pathogen detection was held on Friday, February 15,2013
The workshop was organized by PFNDAI and Bhavan’s Research Center( Microbiology) at Hotel Courtyard Marriott,Mumbai. This workshop was a glimpse of what’s on offer in the field of Rapid analysis methods and the progress that has happened with the influx of Rapid methods- some expensive but some are over in a few hours and some are conveniently conducted away from a full-fledge laboratory.

Report of Conference ‘Carbohydrates for Healthy Future; Lifestyle to Product Development’
The conference was organized by PFNDAI and Roquette at Novotel hotels, Juhu, Mumbai on Friday, 10th February 2012. There was an overwhelming response from the industry, academia and regulatory authority. Carbohydrates being vital for our physiological well being and metabolism have attained prime importance not only for the consumers but for the industry and regulators.

  Dr. Venkat Narayan, Prof. of Epidemiology & Prof. of Medicine, Emory Univ. Atlanta, in his Keynote address ‘Non –communicable Diseases: Prevention of Type 2 diabetes’ stated that there has been a rapid economic change which has led to a change in the lifestyle too. In a decades time the GDP of few countries has increased tremendously and it is to increase further. Professor Jeya Henry,Director, Functional Food Centre, Oxford.& Director, Clinical Nutrition Sciences, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences provided an insight into ‘The Science of Glycemic Index of Food for Better Nutrition’. All foods are composed of carbohydrates, fats and proteins; however, their metabolic difference gave birth to the concept of Glycemic index.
  Report : The 43rd Annual General Meeting of PFNDAI was organized along with the Seminar on ‘Regulatory & Technology Challenges in Developing Functional Foods’ on 25th November 2011at Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai.
This seminar highlighted the science behind regulations and the various booming technologies that would be the future of industry. It is a known fact that Innovation is a necessity for the growth of Industry, thus one needs know more about technologies and the means to innovate. Most importantly do regulations have the space and flexibility for innovations?. The prime focus of current seminar was what is Functional Foods, the technologies involved and available and the health implications. Dr. Sanjog Surve, Chairman -PFNDAI, in his welcome address presented what does a consumer look for in functional foods.
Food Safety & Standards Act (FSSA) 2006 has a feature of safety evaluation and standards making process distinct from Prevention of Food Adulteration Act (PFA) in that the new act will have safety standards based on Risk Analysis. As this is a new concept in food regulation in India, PFNDAI decided to do a workshop to familiarize those involved in regulatory affairs. Hence the first workshop on ‘RISK ANALYSIS FOR PROCESSED FOOD MANUFACTURE’ was organized on 15th May 2010 at Hotel Orchid, Mumbai. This would be followed by a series of workshops at different locations in order to have a better understanding of the concept both for industry personnel as well as for those in regulatory agencies.
Dr.B.Sesikeran inaugurated the Workshop and Dr. G.M. Tewari, Chairman of PFNDAI gave the Welcome address to set the trend of the workshop.
  Report of Conference on ‘ARE We READY FOR GLOBAL MARKETS?’
Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI) had organised a conference at Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai on Saturday December 5, 2009 on the above theme along with its Annual General Meeting. This conference was well attended by industry CEOs and directors of companies and research organisations. A wide array of subjects discussing different angles of Indian food industry, different sectors including dairy, fruits & vegetables, cereals etc., newer safety aspects including risk analysis, traceability, as well as problems of supply chains were discussed in light of requirements of food products with global quality.The Key note Address was presented By Dr. V. Prakash and conference was inaugurated by Mr. Saugata Gupta. Some of the eminent speakers for the conference were Dr.J.I.Lewis, Dr.Rhona Applebaum, Mr. Shankara Shetty, Dr.Prakash Virkar, Mr.B.Prashanth, Mr.Bhupinder Singh, Dr.Rajeev Thakur, Mr.Pranesh Misra and Ms.Rashmi Uppal.
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